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Ocean Camp San Carlos, A.C., is based in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. It was founded by and for curious-minded people who live in our little town -- along with friends from around the world who have a desire to explore great places that Mexico has to offer. 


Together we have seen the heartland of Sonora, explored the stunning Copper Canyon in our neighboring state of Chihuahua. We have touched the friendly gray whales in Baja California Sur, and visited one of the most interesting cultural centers in Mexico, Guadalajara and vicinity in the State of Jalisco.  Recently featured on international television from the National Geographic Society’s series Great Migrations, the Monarch Butterfly Reserves in the central mountain highland in the State of Michoacán.


The newest additions are the tours to the always interesting archaeological sites in the States of Oaxaca and Chiapas. These two are a favorite!


Featured in Ocean Camp San Carlos’ Nature Tours, our residents and visitors explore the rich biodiversity in Tide Pool Discovery®. Together we search  clear desert skies during  StarNight Astronomy®   programs. Other local activities include a hike to a Desert Oasis, and aboard vessels to learn about the importance of the Islands in the Sea of Cortés in Ocean Camp’s Island Discovery®. Don’t miss our newest featured tour, Journey to Port Guaymas®


This, and SO MUCH more.  Stay tuned!

"I have had wonderful adventures on your trips!"


Connie H.

San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico
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