Ocean Camp San Carlos, AC

San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico


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Ocean Camp San Carlos, A.C.

Business Policy, Payment and Refund information


Ocean Camp San Carlos is an organization that provides community education, service projects and adult educational tours. Our tours help to fund service projects and at the same time offer great value to our membership.


We negotiate all aspects of a tour to reduce costs for our members. To do this we make group buys of airline tickets, hotel rooms, local transportation, side excursions, music performances, museum fees and nature park entrance fees. We buy these items well in advance for the group to obtain the largest discounts. We do not skimp on quality and we pass the saving on to you.


We cannot however act as your banker. That is why we ask for two payments for each tour: a non-refundable "deposit" of approximately 50% of the total cost of the tour package, followed by the "balance" payment one month before departure. The reason that we do not offer a refund of the deposit amount is because we have spent your funds on items that can be used only by you. Your airline tickets are a good example. They are purchased in your name for a specific destination, date and flight number. Once we make the purchase the airline ticket(s) are yours. If you are unable to make the tour for any reason it is your responsibility to coordinate with the airline directly to change the date for later travel. You will be furnished the reservation confirmation number. There may be additional fees charged by the airline involved, but your ticket date may usually changed several times by paying a fee. What we buy in your name in advance is yours whether or not you make the tour. Therefore, be ready to commit to the tour before your make a deposit, or be prepared to lose the deposit. This is a policy of "shared risk, shared-reward."


The full balance of your tour fee is due at least 30-days before departure. If you need to cancel, do so at least 10-days in advance of the departure date and your "balance" payment will be refunded. If you cancel less than ten-days before departure, your deposit will be lost and the "balance" refund will be reduced by 10%, per day. 


We hope that you will not have to cancel, but we pledge to work to maximize any refund due you. We do this by having our accountants determine if any addition funds are available to be credited to you, after the tour is finished. This process may take more than a week to determine. We work to be fair.